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    13 July 2004
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    Yet another decapitate, and it looks like the Philippines have got the point and are retreating. I hope it is in time if they do indeed pull out.

    In some better news, these numbers are very promising. Forget postponing the election, lets hold it today!!!

    12 July 2004
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    In a quick dose of irony, a key speaker for the Democratic Convention later this month is no other than Ron Reagan, Jr. Speaking about stem cell research and about his displeasure with the war with and occupation of Iraq.

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    Our government is planning an alternative to elections if there is an attack in November. This has been in several Blogs recently and now in BBC

    This, to me, admits a lack of security and progress towards security here in america. If it happens, an attack, and we postpone the elections then I feel that it looks like we are letting terrorist interfere with our so called democracy. In my opinion we should, at the very most, put in plans to delay the election within the realm of the attack (county or state depending on the size). To postpone the most sacred right of our nation would be a victory for our enemies.


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