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    02 June 2007

    The next Hugo?

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    No not Barry. Barry is more of a blessing than a threat. Much need rainfall this weekend. Hopefully, nothing more...

    But we Charlestonians have been lucky since Hugo in the late 80s. Some word of mouth statistics put the significant storm gap at about 5 years. Local professionals have expressed to me their feelings that this is the year of a coastal SC hurricane hit. The latest estimates call for a higher than usual threat for the season. As described by Dr. Jeff Masters:
    The Gray/Klotzbach team is calling for 17 named storms, 9 hurricanes, and 5 intense hurricanes--unchanged from their April forecast. An average season has 10-11 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 2 intense hurricanes. The forecast calls for a much above normal chance of a major hurricane hitting the U.S., both along the East Coast (50% chance, 31% chance is normal) and the Gulf Coast (49% chance, 30% chance is average). The Caribbean is also forecast to have an above normal risk of a major hurricane.

    We're due! Just saying...

    Speaking of Dr. Masters and Hurricane Hugo... The Dr. did an interview on NPR Friday of his flight into Hugo and the near death experience that came of it, have a listen.

    Posted by Geoff


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