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    09 July 2005

    Zarqawi linked to London Bombs?

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    Dr. Juan Cole doesn't think so, if that website is correct...
    By the way, if the communique issued by Qaeda al-Jihad in Europe is authentic, then this attack cannot be linked to Zarqawi. They say they are taking revenge for British troops' "massacres" of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. But Zarqawi's Salafi group would never celebrate "Arabism" or speak of "heroes" (abtal) when referring to the "holy warriors" or mujahidin. Urubah and batal, Arabism and hero, are typical of the vocabulary of secular Arab nationalism-- in, say, the tradition of Gamal Abdel Nasser. That message is coming from a group of terrorists that is much more comfortable with this language than are typically the extremist Salafis like Zarqawi. "Hero" would sem a term of humanistic pride to them, and Arabism would seem narrow and idolatrous as a competitor with Islam. There are Muslim thinkers who meld political Islam and Arabism-- this is common in Egypt, e.g. But they belong to a different religious and intellectual tradition than Zarqawi.

    Rove's plan is working; no more free press

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    Is this political stunt that was once meant to hide the mis-intelligence of the Iraq war becoming a way to scare reporters and the media? The leveland Plain Dealer is holding evidence from the public because it fears "penalties against the paper and the jailing of reporters."
    The editor of The Cleveland Plain Dealer said last night that the newspaper, acting on the advice of its lawyers, was withholding publication of two major investigative articles because they were based on illegally leaked documents and could lead to penalties against the paper and the jailing of reporters.

    The editor, Doug Clifton, said lawyers for The Plain Dealer had concluded that the newspaper, Ohio's largest daily, would probably be found culpable if the authorities were to investigate the leaks and that reporters might be forced to identify confidential sources to a grand jury or go to jail.

    My immediate question is what is the top secret story this leak pertains to? Does it involve coins? Second is what is happening to our media? And why is our government doing this? (I know why, it's not really a question)

    It sounds like this editor is feed up.
    "Take away a reporter's ability to protect a tipster's anonymity and you deny the public vital information," Mr. Clifton wrote. And to dramatize the point, he concluded his column by telling readers that The Plain Dealer was itself obliged to withhold stories based on illegal disclosures for fear of the legal consequences.

    "As I write this, two stories of profound importance languish in our hands," Mr. Clifton wrote. "The public would be well-served to know them, but both are based on documents leaked to us by people who would face deep trouble for having leaked them. Publishing the stories would almost certainly lead to a leak investigation and the ultimate choice: talk or go to jail. Because talking isn't an option and jail is too high a price to pay, these two stories will go untold for now. How many more are out there?"

    Mr. Clifton said he was surprised that there had been so little public reaction to his disclosure of "something that newspapers typically don't reveal - that real live news had been stifled."

    "I hoped the public would be bothered by that," he said.

    Well, I am.

    And this is a direct result of Judy Miller's vacation, provided by bushCo.

    08 July 2005

    a weekend question... [/w rant]

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    Where do you think the rest of the trainees from the Afghan, and elsewhere, training camps went? Sure a lot of them were trained for infantry operations; but a small percentage (numbering in the thousands?) were likely trained for covert and long term operations.

    As far as terror goes, I think there will be more of this. I think that it will be spread out and patiently planned; it will not be a spree of bombings. I think my children will have to live through similar situations. The problem is that this is life now; we can not hope to continue, as is, without a threat of terrorism; if fact there will always be terrorism as long as there is free thought. The only way we can improve our current situation is by changing our policies; as I've weakly outlined here.

    No matter how much we fight this with bullets and bombs, the bigger our enemy grows. It is as if we were trying to extinguish a fire while pouring gasoline on it.

    Iraqi insurgency is dead?

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    according to US Maj. Gen. William G. Webster Jr.
    U.S. and Iraqi forces have "“mostly eliminated”" the ability of insurgents to conduct sustained, high-intensity attacks in Baghdad, the top U.S. commander in the Iraqi capital said Friday.

    Have we not heard this before? What a load of crap.

    The Iraq link to the London Bombings

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    is BS, look at this
    Speaking about Thursday's blasts in London that killed more than 50 people, Laith Kubba said "we don't know exactly who carried out these acts but it is clear that these networks used to be in Afghanistan and now they work in Iraq."

    The spokesman said that insurgents in Iraq and those who carried out the London attacks "are from the same network. There are different groups in the world, but they all follow the same school."

    Care to offer some proof to that? Good job so-called liberal media.

    Rove, Plame questions continue

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    Who told Karl?
    A White House spokesman long ago asserted that Rove was "not involved" in disclosing Plame's identity. Rove, who has testified before a grand jury investigating the case, likewise has maintained that he did not break the law, saying in a television interview, "I didn't know her name, and I didn't leak her name."

    But Fitzgerald still appears to want more answers about Rove's role. The prosecutor is apparently focused on Rove's conversations with Cooper.

    The answer is in Miller, and I commend her for standing up for freedom of the press. I condemn The senior administration officials that have ruined the lives of Judith Miller, Matthew Cooper, and especially Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame. As well as their friends, family...

    What have we become?

    07 July 2005

    US raised level of Int'l terrorism on Tuesday

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    U.S. raises estimate for terror attacks
    With new definition, tracking site lists five times more incidents

    The U.S. government Tuesday increased its 2004 estimate of terrorist attacks worldwide to 3,192 from 651 after changing to a broader definition of terrorism.

    A new U.S. government Web site set up to track terrorism incidents says the 2004 incidents left 28,433 people killed, wounded or kidnapped.

    A preliminary report in April
    said there were 651 terrorist attacks in 2004 classified as "significant," with 1,907 people killed.

    al-Zawahri - London bombing connection; there was a warning

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    On 17 June 2005 I posted this at dKos and this at my site. In these posts I warned of a pending attack within 3 weeks. I and others were right. So why is everyone saying we had no warning of this attack in London?

    I point you to an MSNBC article from the 17th.

    The four occasions where an al-Zawahri statement was most closely followed by an attack were:

    * On Aug. 6, 1998, Zawahri sent a statement to a London-based Arabic newspaper saying: "We are interested in briefly telling the Americans that their messages have been received and that the response, which we hope they will read carefully, is being readied." The next day, suicide bombers blew up U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, killing more than 220 people. Al-Qaida took responsibility for the attacks.

    * On Oct. 9, 2002, a Zawahri tape threatened attacks on the United States, its economy and allies. "I promise you that the Islamic youth are preparing for you what will fill your hearts with horror..." Three days later, bombs destroyed a Bali nightclub leaving more than 200 people, mostly westerners, dead. Officials in the U.S., Australia and Indonesia later said al-Qaida financed the attack.

    * In an Oct. 1, 2004, radio address, Zawahri called on Muslims worldwide to help in the Palestinian struggle. Six days later, al-Qaida attacked three Egyptian tourist resorts frequented by Israelis on the Sinai Peninsula, killing 34 people, about half of them Israelis.

    * On Nov. 29, 2004, Zawahri issued a video statement promising Americans that Muslims will continue to attack them unless the United States changes its policies against Islam. He said that the U.S. invasion of Baghdad is only the beginning of the American occupation, and warned that it would spread to other countries. On the morning of Dec. 6, armed Jihadists attacked the U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing eight and wounding 15 others.

    I know that the focus of al Zawahri's video was on democratic reform in the Mid East and the possible attack(s) sounded to be aimed at Mid East nations such as Egypt. However I think there is a link between these video releases that needs to be accounted for and those who overlooked it held accountable.

    London - bushCo. happy?

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of London, Europe and all over the world. Things like this shouldn't happen. I offer one suggestion; it's your policies world leaders. They are bad policies and should be changed.

    We are currently fighting a war against enemies that we fuel by fighting wars and continuing policies (laid out here). This war will continue until we get a little reality in Washington.

    The big winner in this is bushCo. I'd expect a slight increase in his polling numbers and Rove will be getting considerably less attention for the coming days.

    GerryinLondon put together a brief diary of the events at dKos.
    There are an awful lot of people moving about on foot, much more than normal. There are groups of tourists hanging around bus stops in packs, looking pretty lost. It must be pretty bewildering to be in a strange city and country when something like this happens.
    Landlines are mostly OK, mobile service is patchy but goes sometimes.
    People are pretty calm, even the tourists.
    The casualty figure is going to be very, very large, it hasn't been released only because they are still doing triage.
    There are still lots of sirens about and lots of rumours, but on days like this rumours take hold easily.
    It seems there were at least three bus bombs. The bastards put bombs on the buses deliberately because they knew people would be forced off the tube and the buses would be like sardine tins. Scum.
    I live in an area with a large Arab population. Things are going to be extremely tense.

    A sad day for humanity.

    06 July 2005

    I get mail

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    Lindsey Graham (SC-R) replied to me on the subject of future energy. While I agree with the increased use of nuclear power; I disagreed with this (although I commend his involvement with the independent energy movement)
    "I am also pleased that President Bush announced a $1.7 billion Five-year research initiatives on hydrogen fuel in his January 2004 State of the Union Address. As the founder of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus in the United States Senate, I recognize that hydrogen holds promise as energy for the future. I believe research into its use as commercial fuel is important to the energy security of our nation."

    to which I replied
    You speak of future but do nothing for the present? While hydrogen may be a part of our distant future, you know as well as I do that the problem with hydrogen is that there is no economically or environmentally friendly way to produce this gas at an amount even close to that of what the President envisions. Energy for unbound hydrogen production would presumably come from fossil fuels (domestic and international) or the Sun; the first of which solves no problem but continues the process, but adding another step.

    You speak of security, yet nothing is to be done now? Are we not at war? The capacity and ability to considerably reduce our dependence to oil is currently available and would involve our farmers, engineers, and our scientists all on our own soil. The reduction of oil consumption would help deal with our environmental problems, aid in job production in our country, and end an addiction that we fight wars over and causes the resentment that led to 11 September 2001 (if your president can use 9/11 to push his agenda then so can I!).

    The real answer, I believe and for the short term, is bio diesel.

    Prof. calls out Rove on Plame

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    A Profesor of Journalism that taught with Karl Rove at the University of Texas has this to say write (via Hunter):
    [T]he Valerie Plame-CIA case that threatens jail time for reporters from Time and The New York Times this week is the exception that shatters the rule. In this case, journalists as a community have been played for patsies by the president's chief strategist, Karl Rove, and are enabling him to abuse the First Amendment, by their invoking it.

    That guys in trouble, better hope he doesn't have a family...
    For in this case, Rove, improving on Macchiavelli, has bet that reporters won’t rat their relationship with the administration’s most important political source. How better for him to operate without constraint, or to camouflage breaking the law, than under the cover of journalists and journalism, protected by the First Amendment?

    ead it all here at Editor and Publisher.

    05 July 2005

    Good evangelicals

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    It's a good idea to tell ones enemies that they've done good...
    Evangelical Christians form a crucial plank in Mr Bush's formidable political base (he is an evangelical himself) and care for the environment is becoming an important part of their agenda.

    Green evangelicals first hit the headlines in 2002, when Reverend Jim Ball launched a campaign called "What would Jesus drive?", claiming that gas-guzzlers are ungodly.

    His call for the US government to take action to protect the environment has since been taken up by powerful leaders of the evangelical community.

    Dems call for White House action re: Rove

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    Rep. John Conyers has passed around a letter requesting that the "...Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, to either come forward immediately to explain his role in the Valerie Plame matter or to resign from your Administration." Conyers adds "High-ranking members of your Administration who are involved in any effort to smear a private citizen or to disseminate information regarding a CIA operative should be expected to meet a far higher standard of ethical behavior and forthrightness." The entire letter below via RAW STORY.

    July 7, 2005

    The President
    The White House
    Washington, DC

    Dear Mr. President:

    We write in order to urge that you require your Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, to either come forward immediately to explain his role in the Valerie Plame matter or to resign from your Administration.

    Not withstanding whether Mr. Rove intentionally violated the law in leaking information concerning former CIA operative Valerie Plame, we believe it is not tenable to maintain Mr. Rove as one of your most important advisors unless he is willing to explain his central role in using the power and authority of your Administration to disseminate information regarding Ms. Plame and to undermine her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

    We now know that e-mails recently turned over by Time, Inc. between writer Matthew Cooper and Time editors reveal that one of Mr. Cooper’s principal sources in the Plame matter was Mr. Rove. This has been confirmed by Newsweek and two lawyers representing witnesses involved in the investigation. Mr. Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, also has confirmed that Mr. Rove was interviewed by Mr. Cooper in connection with a possible article about Ms. Plame three or four days before Robert Novak wrote a column outing Ms. Plame as a CIA operative.

    We also know that Mr. Rove told Chris Matthews that Ambassador Wilson’s wife and her undercover status were “fair game.” A White House source also appears to have previously acknowledged that Mr. Rove contacted Mr. Matthews and other journalists, indicating that “it was reasonable to discuss who sent Wilson to Niger.”

    The above facts appear to be directly inconsistent with previous statements by you and representatives of your Administration concerning leaking in general and the Plame case in particular. For example, on September 30, 2003, you stated “there’s just too many leaks [in Washington]. And if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is.” You also stated “I want to know the truth. If anybody has got any information inside our administration or outside our administration, it would be helpful if they came forward with the information so we can find out whether or not these allegations are true and get on about the business.” On October 10, 2003, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was asked if Mr. Rove or two other aides in your Administration had ever discussed the Plame matter with any reporter, and he stated he had spoken to Mr. Rove and the others and “they assured me that they were not involved in this.”

    Regardless of whether these actions violate the law – including specific laws against the disclosure of classified information as well as broader laws against obstruction of justice, the negligent distribution of defense information, and obligating reporting of press leaks to proper authorities – they seem to reveal a course of conduct designed to threaten and intimidate those who provide information critical of your Administration, such as Ambassador Wilson.

    We hope you agree with us that such behavior should never be tolerated by any Administration. While it is acceptable for a private citizen to use every legal tool at his or her disposal to protect himself against legal liability, high-ranking members of your Administration who are involved in any effort to smear a private citizen or to disseminate information regarding a CIA operative should be expected to meet a far higher standard of ethical behavior and forthrightness. This is why we believe it is so important that Mr. Rove publicly and fully explain his role in this matter.


    I'd expect only one side to sign this letter...
    Guess which.

    MSM: Plame and Rove

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    Rove 'Knowingly' Refusing Interviews on Plame Leak

    Schumer demands Rove speak up about leak

    Rove denies outing CIA agent

    Prosecutor Demands Time Reporter Testimony

    Time Inc. Reporter's Testimony Still Needed, Prosecutor Says

    Private Spy and Public Spouse Live at Center of Leak Case

    Prosecutor Demands Time Reporter Testimony

    Democrats' letter: Rove must explain role in CIA outing or resign

    Ax Roe, split the GOP

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    I heard this on Chris Matthews Sunday show and read it here. It is making the argument that should Bush get some Pro-lifers in the SCOTUS, they would end the Roe v. Wade era. This article says it would split the GOP and provide a new sense of power in the Liberal movement.
    But the political irony that few on either side readily acknowledge — but many are pondering — is that Roe's demise could transform American elections by crippling the conservative political majority that opposes abortion and by giving new life to hobbled liberals who support the ruling's preservation.

    OK, but I don't think that we need this to regain power. The Repubs are doing a good job of splitting their base as we speak, the truth seems to coming out re: Iraq, no one is buying the Social Security crisis BS, and no one appreciates the level oinvolvementnt this Government has had in the personal life of Americans.

    04 July 2005

    Bush refuses to limit CO2 emissions

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    After conceding that "we've got to deal with [Global Warming]" and saying that human activity, "to some extent," was to blame. He refuses to sign any deal that would limit CO2 emissions and will push for more research and technology. For example he sighted, again, H2 powered cars which is a ridiculous idea; one that will solve no problems. As well as creating technology that catches CO2 and stores it underground...

    basically he said this
    "If this looks like Kyoto, the answer is no," he said in an interview with ITV's Tonight With Trevor McDonald programme.

    "The Kyoto treaty would have wrecked our economy, if I can be blunt."

    All I can think/say is; 'what an arrogant asshole'.

    $100 oil by Christmas!

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    After crude surged through $60 a barrel last week, nervous investors were pinning their hopes on a build-up in US oil-stocks to depress prices in the coming months.

    But Simmons believes surging demand will keep prices bubbling well above $50. 'We could be at $100 by this winter. We have the biggest risk we have ever had of demand exceeding supply. We are now just about to face up to the biggest crisis we have ever had,' he said.

    But the guy's from Texas so I call BS!

    That filibuster deal

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    A Monday article in WaPo (brief here from Raw Story) seems to think that the 23 May compromise will ruin any chances to halt damaging appointees
    Democrats' hopes of blocking a staunchly conservative Supreme Court nominee on ideological grounds could be seriously undermined by a six-week-old bipartisan deal on judicial nominees, key senators said Sunday...

    Sigh... I could have told you that.

    [UPDATE]here is that WaPo article

    [UPDATE #2]Armando dissects the above article here

    He's right, we're right back where we started... like kicking a can down the street.


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