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    29 August 2006

    Iraq war fuels Bitish plot

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    Yet again.

    Bruce Schneier has more.

    Posted by Geoff

    28 August 2006


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    From Dr. Masters:
    Ernesto is a more significant threat to the Carolinas

    While much of the focus of attention has deservedly been on Ernesto's impact on Florida, I believe the best chance of Ernesto hitting the U.S. as a Category 2 or 3 hurricane will come in the Carolinas. The GFDL model has Ernesto as a borderline Category 1 or 2 hurricane with a pressure of 975 mb Thursday night upon landfall in South Carolina. The GFS, UKMET, and Canadian models predict that Ernesto will stall off the Carolina coast, as the trough of low pressure drawing it northeastwards accelerates away. High pressure will then build in, forcing Ernesto back to the west towards the Carolina coast. If this happens, Ernesto will have plenty of time over the warm Gulf Stream, and could easily reach Category 2 or 3 strength before making landfall in the Carolinas. The NOGAPS model depicts a similar scenario, but predicts Ernest will stall further north, then move west, threatening the Mid-Atlantic states.

    Visit Brians Blog for more on Ernesto and SC (for you local-yokals).

    [UPDATE] "I will be honest, I fear this thing could stall around us...and really give us a major flooding situation. It is a classic setup for such." - Brian Goode

    Posted by Geoff

    Pakistani military government kills tribal leader

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    The word from some of my Profs, and others I talk with or read frequently, is that this could become a big deal within - and outside of - Pakistan.
    Political leaders and analysts feared that the killing of Mr Bugti [Sardar Akbar Shahbaz Khan Bugti], a champion of greater rights for ethnic Baluch tribespeople, could influence more young Pakistanis to take up militancy.

    Talaat Masood, a former army general, described the death as a "great tragedy" that would further divide ordinary Pakistanis from the military, led by the president, General Pervez Musharraf. "It is very dangerous when we're already fighting [al-Qaida] terrorists to bring about another reason for radicalising the youth," said Mr Masood.

    Posted by Geoff

    27 August 2006


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    As the leader of the Republican party in the US Senate and a possible presidential candidate, Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee has a reputation for sober rectitude. The same cannot be said of his son Jonathan, a Vanderbilt University student who recently appeared on the internet wearing six cans of beer strapped to his belt.

    Nor has Jonathan's brother Bryan done much to help his father's attempts to strike a reasonable note about US involvement in Iraq. "I was born an American by God's amazing grace," wrote Bryan Frist in an online profile. "Let’s bomb some people." [Times Online]

    Posted by Geoff


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