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    10 July 2004
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    Reader Peter pointed out that a post from May 2004 was possibly incorrect,. I apologize to all readers and can now say that all sources I quote or link now are as legit as the right-wing military-industrial-newstainement complex permits. This particular post was emailed to me from family, I liked it and posted it with out research. Peter is correct when he says:
    People need to start checking their sources.

    I do, however, believe that Democracy has fallen to the greed of special interests on either and all sides of the political spectrum.

    Thx Peter! The post in question has been deleted.

    09 July 2004
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    Within the last month and a half ~americanEntropy~ has been visited over one hundred times with 87 "Unique Visitors".

    Thx everyone for looking in on my blog, and keep coming back.

    The top referrer was dickcheneyisabitch and brodie's soapbox. THX!

    have a great weekend.

    08 July 2004
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    te-he-he! Sooooo true.

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    I am not in the crowd that compares the current conflict with Iraq a new Vietnam. I know too little about the conflict to make honest comparisons to that war nor do I believe that war will ever be as horrible as the wars we fought in the 20th century.

    It is apparent to me that the anti-war crowd, of which I have been in since the drums in the "fist-a-gon" started to beat, is gaining members at a healthy pace. Including service men returning from the war. A recent article out of Texas illustrates this new development (Subscription only). Interesting enough this took place in Texas, a state that slowly is showing signs of liberalism and open-mindedness.

    Here is some of the article:

    "I supported this war at first, when my administration led me to believe that it was the right thing to do to oppose the government of Saddam Hussein and free the Iraqi people," said Capt. David Harris, a 12-year veteran who recently returned from Iraq.

    He criticized the administration for accusing Saddam Hussein of harboring weapons of mass destruction, which have not been found in Iraq. Harris called on the small crowd to vote for the Democratic presidential ticket of Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards.

    Mike Hoffman, a former Marine who was in the first wave of service members to cross into Iraq last year, said Iraq is still dangerous despite Saddam's capture.

    "Democracy cannot be forced on people who don't want it," he said.

    Also, the birthday of our president was Tuesday, and was drowned out by the nomination of Edwards as Kerry's running mate. What was also drowned out was the now 1,000+ american soldiers dead in Iraq (871+) and Afghanistan (129). Thanks to KOS for pointing that out.

    06 July 2004
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    Well it's confirmed, the Kerry-Edwards ticket has been created. Now lets watch the Edwards bashing begin.

    More soon!

    05 July 2004
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    Well F911 has come and gone. But reading notes like this from older folks makes me feel like I am not alone in the hatred of Neocon's and bush. What makes me even happier is who wrote the note and where they are in wealth. They are certainly the "haves" or the "have mores."

    Dear Friends,

    Regarding Fahrenheit 9/11 movie @ the Terrace...we were surprised & pleased that these local Southern owners were brave enough to get this film here. We called the office & were told there were hints that there might be a protest of pickets there. We said - not a problem. It will draw more folks, yet we were concerned that no Moore supporters/curious viewers might show.

    So we told a batch of friends we'd go opening night to show our support for open-mindedness. When we got there an hour early to catch a supper nearby, the line was long - eager to get in. So Bill & crew went directly to the ticket booth. Surprisingly, they were sold out, despite having 2 screens running since 1 PM through to 11 PM - 9 viewings...full house.

    2 TV teams were there to interview folks leaving the theatre. The parking lot was full. Such excitement in the Lowcountry!

    I'm sure the film will be unsettling, yet informative. The facts have been scrupulously checked, we are told. Our son tells us he's heard that it might be the most important film of the century.

    We don't know where you stand on this, but thought we'd give you our take. We plan to go Tuesday, 6/29 @ 4:30 & do Chinese at Osaka @ Windermere Plaza directly afterwards. If you would like to come, we welcome one and all.

    We wore red as a sign of wanting peace. [A gesture folks are doing each Friday here in America.] We love this country. We support our young men and women in Iraq. We want peace. This film may just help our nation come along in this direction.

    -{Name Omited}


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