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    24 September 2004
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    Friend BS (Ha!) Writes:

    George W. Bush was a supporter of the war in Vietnam. For a
    while. As he explained in his autobiography, "A Charge to Keep: My
    Journey to the White House":

    "My inclination was to support the government and the war
    until proven wrong, and that only came later, as I realized
    we could not explain the mission, had no exit strategy, and
    did not seem to be fighting to win."

    How is it that he ultimately came to see the fiasco in
    Vietnam so clearly but remains so blind to the
    frighteningly similar realities of his own war in Iraq? Mr.
    Bush cannot explain our mission in Iraq and has nothing
    resembling an exit strategy, and his troops - hobbled by
    shortages of personnel and by potentially fatal American
    and Iraqi political considerations - are certainly not
    fighting to win.

    22 September 2004
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    By the way, the latest WSJ/Zogby poll came out Monday.

    21 September 2004
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    Juan Cole has hit it right on the head!

    20 September 2004

    Monday nights bitch session

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    First of all the grope-n-ator has been picked by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher to be the first foreign president by proposing an amendment to the constitution:

    A California Republican congressman introduced a constitutional amendment Wednesday that would allow Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president. But he insisted the candidate he really wants to see is a 76-year-old House Democrat from Hungary.

    "There are those here Wednesday who will interpret this constitutional proposal permitting naturalized citizens to serve as president as a political ploy," Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, an early supporter of Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial bid, said in remarks prepared for the House floor.

    "This is no ploy. I honestly believe that Tom Lantos should be able to seek the highest office in the land, just like any other elected official."
    Lantos, D-Calif., who's served in the House for more than two decades, said he was flattered but saw no need to amend the Constitution.

    Next, Two separate problems with Iraq deployments and reenlistment:



    Then there is the normal dirty politics of the RNC, and chairman Ed Gillespie:
    Campaign mail with a return address of the Republican National Committee warns West Virginia voters that the Bible will be prohibited and men will marry men if liberals win in November.

    Lets look at Mr Gillespie, or Enron Ed. nuff said.

    And finally, the right keeps claiming that Kerry wants to raise the taxes on oil, something that I believe would do our country a whole lot of good in some areas. But this article from April 2004 re: Cheney's actions in the mid-80's seems to reverse the positions of the two then senators:

    In 1986, then- Congressman Dick Cheney proposed a tax on oil that would have raised gasoline prices and laid 400,000 workers off. Despite this bill, the Bush-Cheney campaign claims that they are interested in lower gas prices and opposed to higher taxes. Senator Kerry helped stop Cheney's proposed gas price hike, co-sponsoring for a resolution in opposition to the plan. Even Cheney's fellow Republican lawmakers opposed his gas price hike - - 15 Senators joined Kerry to sponsor a resolution in 1987 to stop Cheney's bill. Cheney Opposed Low Oil Prices.

    Even the Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania (Teresa's first man) said "the proposals would add $1.3 billion per year to the energy costs of Pennsylvania consumers. He also cited a study done for a Federal Reserve Bank suggesting that a $5 per barrel fee would lead to the loss of 400,000 jobs nationwide and cause inflation to soar."


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