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    03 April 2006

    I want to like John McCain....

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    I used to have enormous respect for Mr. McCain. I've read two of his books and acknowledge that he was once a great, brave, patriotic American. But Karl Rove and his cheap politics took that away from me, and today that position was reinforced. Rick Davis - McCain's campaign manager - was kind enough to speak with us today and instead of condemning the attacks against his candidate and his family, he glossed over them with 'we want to be positive' b.s. and then just moved on. Hey, Rick! Even though it is Charleston, SC, a lot of people hate G. W. Bush right now, you won't be stepping on any political land-mine if you grow a backbone and speak-up about the Rovian disgrace that was unleashed in 1999.

    My basic problem with McCain is that I think he is weak, and I think he would be a weak President. Don't get me wrong, he would be far better than Bush and those like him; Bush embraced and pushed the closed-minded line of conservatism and people may think that under McCain that would change. Ha! These people who, so-called, speak for the wingnuts are bullies and they are powerful. They would play McCain like a piano if it came down to it.

    If people said things like Bush/Rove said about McCain and his family on a national stage I ,one, could never become allies with them down the road, and two, if I were a politician I'd have to quit because my next move would be retaliation on some level, probably one that would end my political career.

    If Mr. McCain is the candidate for the Repubs - as Mr. Davis is predicting - I could not vote for him. Even if Hillary is the alternative.

    Posted by Geoff


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