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    05 June 2007

    Gas prices going up?

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    For the first time since we humans have been monitoring weather, a hurricane will hit the Gulf of Oman region including Iran and Oman. significant loss of life is possible since there is no precedent for this and that this is a very large storm. People in this region use dry river beds as residential areas, do the math.

    Less significant is the effect it will have on Straits of Hormuz which our navy is protecting. I don't think our navy will be able to do much in this case even if they fly Dick "Shooter" Cheney on board to spout talking points and mistruths.

    I wonder if a few feet on storm surge will have any effect on the shipping lanes in the "world's most important oil chokepoint". The Persian Gulf is very shallow, this storm may have an effect on the existing strait as it stands now.

    Stay tuned, I'll try to process some sat images after lunch...

    [UPDATE 5 June 2007, 2:06 PM]Here is a sat sequence of Tropical Cyclone Gonu (sorry, these were the best I could make right now):

    video made with UCARs UNIDATA IDV

    Posted by Geoff


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