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    23 October 2007

    Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week at the CofC

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    In you case you didn't know, this week-- the 22 through 26 of October--is Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week here at the College of Charleston and nationwide. This effort is being pushed by none other than David Horowitz, Ann Coulter and others, will crawl out to spew there venom.

    According to the main site for this project, College of Charleston is on the list of hundreds of schools taking part. So be on the lookout for throngs of college students on the streets in what has been billed as the "biggest conservative campus protest ever."

    Biggest ever? I guess conservatives don't protest much, but that makes sense. I mean who has time to protest when your engaging in a sodomy session with you frat brothers on your $6,000 leather couch. Or when your already running late for your rat-dogs nail appointment due to the 30 minutes it took to fill your ginourmous SUV with petrol (thanks mommy!). The only reason I've heard of this is because I get a kick out of wing-nuttery.

    Of course this could all be a big failure. I mean, what if this was all being overblown? I doubt it though. They're all probably at Kinkos as I type making flyers, posters and memorizing chants.

    If you happen to run into one of these racist(sorry) Americans, here's a good fact sheet to help with your conversation. Give it to them in small doses, CofC conservatives have a hard time thinking for themselves.

    Posted by Geoff

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