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    29 July 2004
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    I wrote before about the Iraqi National Conference, and its date of THIS SATURDAY!!

    Well it has been postponed for two weeks and in October it will probably be delayed again. MSNBC has some coverage saying that the delay is the fault of the Iraqis. But wouldn't the current security situation be the real problem. Almost 70 killed yesterday, assassinations weekly, and a list of security shortfalls that would make me ignore the conference.
    "A crucial national conference considered a key first step in the country's fledgling move toward democracy was postponed for two weeks, a conference organizer said Thursday, a day after a massive car bombing that killed 70 people.

    The conference had been scheduled to begin Saturday, but has been postponed until mid-August, according to Abdul Halim al-Ruhaimi, a conference organizer.

    The gathering had been plagued by severe difficulties before it even began, with key political groups promising to boycott and leaders in ethnically diverse areas unable to agree on slates of delegates to send.

    Iraqi media had reported that less than half the nation's 18 provinces had chosen their delegates just days before the conference was to begin."

    Ukraine is out of Iraq. . .

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