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    24 September 2004
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    Friend BS (Ha!) Writes:

    George W. Bush was a supporter of the war in Vietnam. For a
    while. As he explained in his autobiography, "A Charge to Keep: My
    Journey to the White House":

    "My inclination was to support the government and the war
    until proven wrong, and that only came later, as I realized
    we could not explain the mission, had no exit strategy, and
    did not seem to be fighting to win."

    How is it that he ultimately came to see the fiasco in
    Vietnam so clearly but remains so blind to the
    frighteningly similar realities of his own war in Iraq? Mr.
    Bush cannot explain our mission in Iraq and has nothing
    resembling an exit strategy, and his troops - hobbled by
    shortages of personnel and by potentially fatal American
    and Iraqi political considerations - are certainly not
    fighting to win.

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