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    27 April 2005

    terrorism increasing

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    More than half the attacks reported for 2004 were in South Asia, which recorded 327 incidents that produced 502 deaths. The bulk of the incidents were reported in the divided Kashmir state claimed by both India and Pakistan.

    Most of those killed were in the Middle East, where 726 people died in 270 attacks. But the bloodiest strikes were in Europe and Eurasia, where 636 people were killed overall in 24 incidents, including a train bombing in Spain and school seizure in Russia.

    Nearly half the incidents (46 percent) involved armed attacks, the report said, while suicide and other bombings accounted for 29 percent. Sixteen percent of the attacks involved kidnappings.

    The State Department report highlighted the continuing terrorist threat despite what it said was success in whittling down the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.

    The annual "Country Reports on Terrorism 2004" also identified Cuba, North Korea, Syria and above all Iran as continued supporters of terrorism.

    The 129-page document said that "international terrorism continued to pose a significant threat to the United States and its partners in 2004."


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