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    24 May 2005

    Senator Voinovich lashes out at Bolton

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    Senator George R. Voinovich of Ohio issued a warning and a call for thought instead of partisan politics
    In the letter, Mr. Voinovich said that while he had been "hesitant to push my views on my colleagues" during his years in the Senate, he felt "compelled to share my deep concerns" about Mr. Bolton's nomination.

    "In these dangerous times, we cannot afford to put at risk our nation's ability to successfully wage and win the war on terror with a controversial and ineffective ambassador to the United Nations," Mr. Voinovich wrote. He urged colleagues to "put aside our partisan agenda and let our consciences and our shared commitment to our nation's best interests guide us."

    Well said Mr. Voinovich. If we could only get this out of the rest of the Republican caucus maybe this country would be worth it. Contact your Republican Senators ASAP, the vote is coming up next I believe.

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