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    29 July 2005

    Repubs suing for libel? WTF?

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    So the swing state project got this from a Repub operative in OH
    I have reviewed the materials posted on your blog site that make outrageous and libelous allegations about me. I emphatically deny these allegations are true and demand that you remove them immediately from your website now that I have placed you on notice of their false nature. As you are aware, I am not a public official and you do not enjoy any type of qualified privilege to place patently untrue and malicious statements about me on your blog. I am an attorney who regularly lectures on libel and slander at a local school and am very aware of the current state of both Ohio and federal law in this area. If you will not remove these outrageous statements and retract them as unfounded I will pursue all legal avenues available, including but not limited to, an injunction in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio seeking to have them removed and holding you libel for damages associated therewith.

    Please be guided accordingly.

    I would appreciate an immediate response.


    Joe Braun

    Now why the charge? Well this guy is just another Jeff Gannon/James Guckert; ex-freak (sounds like he is still a freak), and now GOP hitman. Hey Joe, Fuck you! Your candidate is a piece of shit, your party is a piece of shit and I can honestly say that your local party is full of spoiled yuppies. I grew up, in Cincinnati, respecting these people but broke that brainwash after 2000; reality set in. They are the people that make this country the way it is today, and why I have lost faith in out country as far as leadership goes. They are corrupted, absolutely.

    Here is how the story broke annatopia. Basiclly, he is a freak. A BDSM fan. Here is his profile. That vanished (interesting), but here are some screen captures.

    Nice guy y'all got up there Larry, Dick....

    BTW, liable (adj)
    1. Legally obligated; responsible: liable for military service. See Synonyms at responsible.
    2. At risk of or subject to experiencing or suffering something unpleasant. Used with to: liable to criminal charges; liable to diabetes.
    3. Likely. Often used with reference to an unfavorable outcome: In a depression banks are liable to fail.

    Nothing there 'bout telling the truth is there Mr. Brawn? So where is the crime? Or is this a tactic?

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