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    13 September 2005

    Col. Lang rips the neocon strategy (or lack there off)

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    Neocon dreamer and PNAC hack, Gary Schmitt, writes an op-ed in WaPo pushing a policy that misrepresents the total situation in Iraq by generalizing the insurgency as "dead-enders" and jihadists. Well Mr. Schmitt, you offer a bleak intro in what is to come. Thx for the failed war, we're much safer now.
    Contrary to popular mythology and the drivel that soldiers tell women on occasion, there are always a fair number of people in armies who are not personally averse to combat. They are the people who keep the outfit functioning under fire. Shh! Don't tell anyone! Nevertheless, it has been my experience that most of those so blessed (or damned) are not willing to advocate an easy resort to arms. In the years that I spent in the Pentagon, it was almost a joke that the Joint Chiefs of Staff would always advise against war when the government gave them the opportunity to advise. "A Council of War Never Votes To Fight" is an old military aphorism and I have known it to be true. Now, in the time of Generalissimo Rumsfeld it may be different.

    So what is it that this paragon of the civilian tough guy crowd has as an option for extricating ourselves from the mess that he and his pals convinced the president to create? He says we have to fight until "the so-called dead-enders are either dead or vanquished."

    What a brave soul! "Let's You and Him fight" might be the summation of this op/ed piece. Political accommodation of the Sunni Arabs? No. A retreat from the lunacy of "One man, One vote" in an essentially tribal society? No! A Willingness to talk to the non-Jihadi insurgents? No! No!

    "Let's You and Him Fight!!!" This begins to make the idea of recruiting the "Young Republicans" as special counterinsurgency troops more and more attractive.

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