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    09 October 2005

    Pat Robertson's at it again; but his movement is dead

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    Pat Robertson claimed today that Hugo Chavez supplied funding for UBL after the 11 September 2001, this info came from "[s]ources that came to me. That's what I was told."


    Sure Pat we believe you...

    It's not the same, I know; but I'll remind Mr. Robertson that we (Reagan) funneled millions of dollars to UBL and other Mujahideen through Saudi Arabia. But they were freedom fighters then....

    Anyway, some good news about the so-called Christian Coalition
    The Christian Coalition, the onetime powerhouse of the religious right founded by Pat Robertson, is struggling to stay afloat.

    The group'’s annual revenue has shrunk to one- twentieth of what it was a decade ago -– from a peak of $26 million in 1996 to $1.3 million in 2004 - and it has left a trail of unpaid bills from Texas to Virginia. Among the creditors who have sued the coalition for nonpayment are landlords, direct-mail companies, lawyers and at least one former employee seeking back pay.

    Now for the rest of 'em.

    Posted by Geoff

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