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    13 November 2005

    The allegiance to bush is fading

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    This most recent PR attempt to somehow say that the Dems can't dissent on the handling of the war because they voted for it (which they actually didn't vote for war), and that they had the same intel as the pres., VP, et cetera (which they didn't) is really entertaining to watch. First it has little support which has been, in the past, a given with the right-wing noise machine and all. Second, only the most loyal Republican or Repub operatives are coming out to play. Stephen Hadley says "...I think the point that needs to be emphasized ... allegations now that the president somehow manipulated intelligence, somehow misled the American people, are flat wrong.". That's great, nobody believes you, but great! I'd like to see a Senator or Congressperson come out and say that, especially the ones who are up for reelection next year. Leading to number three, Bush is becoming radioactive for Repubs, so they are going to start distancing themselves from him. Recent candidate for governor in NJ, Doug Forrester, says it was W's fault. We can hope that he'll soon be silenced by his colleagues in the run-up to '06, and hence we'll get to hear less out of his mouth for a little while. Maybe that will be a good time for him to take that ethics course and go visit Fitzgerald and the Grand Jury.

    Posted by Geoff

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