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    29 November 2005

    Bush Repub Calls Cheney a war criminal

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    Ex-Powell CoS at the State Dept., Col Lawrence Wilkerson, has been everywhere trashing Cheney and Rumsfeld the last few days. On Democracy Now! the other day he was at it, but he is interesting. He openly stated he was a Repub and voted twice for 'W'. He disagreed with the typical liberal or even Democratic viewpoints brought on other topics by Amy Goodman such as Haiti.

    But the BBC must have got him after some Wheaties or something
    Asked by the BBC's Today if Mr Cheney could be accused of war crimes, he said: "It's an interesting question."

    "Certainly it is a domestic crime to advocate terror," he added.

    "And I would suspect, for whatever it's worth, it's an international crime as well." ...
    "What I'm saying is that, under the vice-president's protection, the secretary of defence [Donald Rumsfeld] moved out to do what they wanted in the first place, even though the president had made a decision that was clearly a compromise," Col Wilkerson said.

    He said that he laid the blame on the issue of prisoner abuse and post-war planning for Iraq "pretty fairly and squarely" at Mr Cheney's feet.

    "I look at the relationship between Mr Cheney and Mr Rumsfeld as being one that produced these two failures in particular, and I see that the president is not holding either of them accountable... so I have to lay some blame at his feet too," he went on.


    This guy is well connected and should be taken seriously. But it is interesting still: Is this Powell talking?

    interview text here

    Posted by Geoff

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