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    31 December 2005

    Shameful Priorities

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    Let's look at the priorities of the White House, I think this following example will illustrate how they have played with politics at every available opportunity to benefit their interests; while not giving a damn about the citizens, the constitution, and the future.

    Yesterday the Justice Department announced that it would probe the leak re. the news of domestic espionage to the NYT. Just two weeks after the leak of a blatantly unconstitutional and tyrantic act of a President who wants to be a dictator is awfully fast in my and anyone's opinion.

    Think of the Plame Leak. Robert Novak revealed the status of Valerie Plame on 14 July 2003. The Justice Department waited until 28 September 2003 to announce the probe into that act of treason. Priorities.

    The only priorities that this White House, their lapdogs in Congress, and the bloggers who buy into their BS have is to gain power and to stifle patriotic dissent. In some countries this would be met with fire, in America we just shop, eat, and be ignorant.

    - Bush began a new, never ending, war this week: The War on the Underbrush. After a run of news worthy brush fires swept through OK and TX this week, Bush ordered it unconstitutional to travel in the US in and mobile unit that is not equipped with a lawnmower, wood chipper, or similar debrushing device. When the act was leaked to the press by an unknown whistle-blower he probed them, hit them with a shovel, and ran over them in his white fake-rancher mobile.

    - Off topic: This hurricane season has been amazing, and it looks like it might end in the next few days. When I say amazing, I mean amazing!

    Posted by Geoff

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