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    12 January 2006

    Drinking Liberally - Charleston, SC

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    Come raise your spirits as you raise a pint with the best Democratic drinking club in Charleston!

    Drinking Liberally is an informal, non-programmatic gathering of like-minded left-leaners, an opportunity to share your ideas while you share a pitcher. You don't need to be a seasoned activist or policy wonk to join us in meeting new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and enjoying a stiff mix of socializing with a dash of politics.

    Drinking Liberally now offers social space for progressive pint-pourers in 123 locations across America. And to think ... we have one right here in the Holy City!

    America was born in the taverns...and now we're returning to promote democracy one pint a time.

    We thought this week we'd keep the email simple and just remind everyone of what DL is all about! Hope you'll join us!! The Revolution begins at Happy Hour.

    VooDoo Lounge
    15 Magnolia Dr
    Thursday, January 12
    starting at 5:30 pm

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