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    21 February 2006

    C of C NORML Chapter to Take on Ignorant Administration

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    [UPDATE] Bumped up

    A change took effect at our college this semester, a student code was passed that made it an offense punishable with a minimum of one semester suspension from the College of Charleston for any accused association with controlled substances, including marijuana. This is universal; if I'm in Ohio I'm compromised. Why the school thinks they can monitor my intake of anything is beyond me, but it is a common law across the country.

    The administration is not my parent, not my guardian, and certainly not a group containing one person whom I would model my life around. As a student and employee at the College of Charleston I, as sternly as possible, say that the administrations opinions and edicts are taken as irrelevant. I have little say in who they are and they hold no influence over how I run my life. I pay a high price to attend their college; I pay their salaries, and the upkeep of some of their houses. They work for me and therefore they must listen to us. In this contract I see no language requesting their advice or their rules directed upon me, and it is therefore rejected.

    Should the College wish to police the dorms, the campus, and adjacent neighborhoods so be it. But once I am off the clock, off the campus, and on my own time, my activities, honest or not, have zero effect on events at the College and is none of anyone’s business. The concern is appreciated but not necessary or desired. It will do little to hinder drug use or quell the security problems in Charleston, plus it will severely compromise the future of many students. This code should be rewritten or omitted from the student handbook immediately.

    Fortunately, our local chapter of NORML is fighting back. A large and highly organized group of students with the support of certain faculty is organizing protests and other acts of protest. At 12:30 tomorrow (22 Feb. 2006), the willing student body will converge "in the parking lot behind the fraternity houses (next door to McConnell Dorm)." I think this is on Wentworth St. Anyone from the College of Charleston, or in the area, is requested to bring signs, noisemakers, comfortable shoes, and good spirits to show this administration that we don't like this flawed policy. The members of NORML ask you to not bring any drugs or other illegal items (you know what they are). This will be a peaceful and fun event!

    Posted by Geoff

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