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    31 May 2006

    Drinking Liberally - Charleston, SC

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    I can't attend since I'm in DC for the summer, but Drinking Liberally has changed venues so I'll pass this along...
    Please don't boo-hoo at leaving Voodoo.
    Our liberal drinking we want to share.
    So, with this week's meeting,
    We will start greeting
    One and all at the lovely, little Lite Affair!

    Yeppers, we're making the move to Lite Affair this Thursday, and Manager Butch tells us that he has "been drooling to join in." Sadie's drooling over the "F'ing awesome drink specials":
    $1 PBR
    $2 Domestics
    $3 Rail Drinks
    $4 Jaeger and Gran Ma
    Team Trivia starts at 10 for those who have brain cells left!

    Liberally yours,
    Leslie, Sadie & Marilyn

    Lite Affair
    137 Calhoun St. - Downtown
    5:30pm until we stop mad cowboy disease
    This and every Thursday

    Cozy tavern on Calhoun, just across from Marion Square. Weekly live music and "open mic" nights. Pool. Moravian star. You can find parking off Burns Lane, in the Francis Marion garage on King St, and CofC's K Lot at the corner of Calhoun & Coming. If you're lucky enough to find a street spot, remember you don't have to feed the meter after 6pm.

    Posted by Geoff

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