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    09 November 2006

    Drinking Liberally - Charleston, SC

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    With much hoopla and media boo-hooing, the Democratic Party swept back into power yesterday, House Cleaning Day. Not only did Democrats retake the House, but it appears that the Democrats have also managed to clean out a slim majority in the Senate as well. Jim Webb has a 7,000 vote lead over George Allen at the moment. If Joe Lieberman keeps his word, not something we would place our money on, control of the Senate is likely as well.

    But this is only a start for liberals nationwide, and little more than a call to the gates for local liberals. While liberalism may achieve much with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, locally we did not fare so well. In fact, the only real success for liberals in South Carolina was the election of Jim Rex as Superintendent of Education. Moreover, the detestable Arthur Ravenel won a seat on the school board which appears to be owing more to name recognition than support for his wacko agenda.

    It seems, however, that education is the only area in which South Carolinians seem to have retained even narrow hold onto sanity. The rest of the statewide elections seem to have followed an all too familiar "just vote Republican" blind mentality. Stupidity and bigotry seemed to play a big role as well. You can do anything you want to do so long as you promise to cut taxes; you can even raise taxes just so long as you promise to cut them. Why else would 80 per cent of South Carolinians vote for an artificial cap on property taxes that will only benefit the well-to-do. And why would 77 per cent vote to discriminate against the gay population of South Carolina when support for that minority could pose no threat, but offer progressive benefits to the State as a whole.

    We can be grateful that a large number of voters actually turned out to vote, despite the rain. That is something to look forward to; however, we need those voters to vote liberally on the issues of the day if we are to make progress in this country and, particularly, this state. So what is the answer that awakens the liberalism in every human being?

    Come on out to Juanita Greenberg's on King Street at 5:30 p.m. this Thursday for another adventure in Drinking Liberally and meet with fellow liberals for honest discussion and friendly fellowship. We'll be on the back patio under the tent waiting for you.

    We almost forgot. Superbush fired Rumsfeld today. That is good. Superbush is replacing him with Iran-Contra criminal Robert Gates. That is not good. A man with almost no military experience will lead the military. No new blood for the Deciderer. Well, at least Rummy is gone.

    We almost forgot as well, South Dakotans overruled their anachronistic legislature and cast out a Middle Ages-like ban on allowing women to make decisions about their health care decisions.

    That is Drinking Liberally for this, the 1,285th since the declaration of "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. From Charleston, we are your city leaders, goodnight and good luck.

    Liberally yours,
    Leslie, Mike, & Sadie

    Juanita Greenberg's
    439 King Street - Downtown
    5:30pm until the American Taliban no longer have power
    This and every Thursday
    843.723.NACHO (6224)
    On King, just a couple of blocks above Calhoun. Look for the blinkinglights.

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