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    19 February 2007

    White House Committee Member - Terrorist Links?

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    Via the Cunning Realist playing on the post below:
    ..."GlobalProtector.Net", one of the companies listed on this CV (link), claimed to have "provided a product demonstration for the United States SouthCom in Miami, Florida." Here's the news release. A few months later, according to another news release here, "Chief Executive Officer Mr. AT Alishtari authorized a new Boca Raton, Florida Office sales team of under a new Federal Sales EVP with web technical support from GlobalProtector.Net’s Chief Technical Group Director, Mr. Romel Roberts, to meet with the US Department of Defense covering web filter technology for various uses internally and those meetings were met favorably in general for the agenda set forth by the Department of Defense for those items."

    Both of those news releases are from 2003 -- the same year this person says he was appointed to the "White House Business Advisory Committee" and became a "US National Republican Senate Inner Circle Member for Life."

    Oh, and be sure to check out this news release, noting particularly the references to "anthrax patents" and "Homeland Security."

    White House press corps, over to you....

    What did they know, when did they know it?

    Posted by Geoff

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