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    15 June 2007

    Gas Prices

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    I don't think anything rubs me the wrong way more than when Americans complain that gas prices are too high. You have to stoop to low levels of ignorance to arrive at that conclusion. The Oil Drum points to a graph of the price (in US$) of gasoline here in the US and abroad.

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    For some reason the US sees itself as a major oil producer in ranks with countries in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) and Asia. But the reality is we don't even make the top ten in oil production.

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    Even Canada, with proven reserves second to Saudi Arabia, pays $4/gallon for gas. This puts Americans at odds with reality and stuck in a "city on the hill" view of their greatness. All this despite a lack of the resource needed to keep gas at the "horribly high" price of $3/gallon. Come on people! We have it good...

    A rude awakening is coming. Oh, and ANWR won't make the least bit of difference... 5 ANWRs won't either.

    BTW - All of the above goes the same for China.

    Posted by Geoff

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