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    06 July 2007

    Happy Birthday Mr. President

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    FP Passport Blog put together a list of President bush's top 10 achievements as CEO (of America).
    1. Boosting aid to Africa threefold
    2. Preventing a nuclear war between India and Pakistan
    3. Taking down the A.Q. Khan nuclear proliferation network
    4. Getting Libya to give up its weapons of mass destruction programs and renounce terrorism
    5. Turning independent-minded India into a strategic ally
    6. After a rough start, sticking to a pragmatic China policy
    7. Getting North Korea to shut down its nuclear reactor ... eventually
    8. Decapitating some two thirds of al Qaeda's top leadership and not having a second 9/11
    9. Giving immigration reform the old college try
    10. Challenging his party over harmful agricultural subsidies while pushing free trade

    #3 is questionable though.

    Posted by Geoff

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