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    17 May 2004
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    Last April 2003 a rich man said:

    “The President is here today because he understands manufacturing is the engine of growth and creator for our American economy. While I was National Association of Manufacturing chairman, he spoke passionately to me about providing every American with an opportunity for a good job. He understands what it means for families when slow growth limits employment possibilities. The NAM and I endorse the President's plan for jobs and economic growth. We believe the package should be passed by the Congress quickly. This is the best way to put people to work and drive our economy. Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States, George W. Bush.”

    - W.R. "Tim" Timken, Jr.


    The Timken Corporation announced recently that it, the larges employer in Canton, Ohio, will slash ¼ of there work force.


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