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    31 May 2004
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    Reading some opinions and came across this.

    It was a typical week in the life of the Bush reelection machine.

    Last Monday in Little Rock, Vice President Cheney said Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry "has questioned whether the war on terror is really a war at all" and said the senator from Massachusetts "promised to repeal most of the Bush tax cuts within his first 100 days in office."

    On Tuesday, President Bush's campaign began airing an ad saying Kerry would scrap wiretaps that are needed to hunt terrorists.

    The same day, the Bush campaign charged in a memo sent to reporters and through surrogates that Kerry wants to raise the gasoline tax by 50 cents.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, as Kerry campaigned in Seattle, he was greeted by another Bush ad alleging that Kerry now opposes education changes that he supported in 2001.

    The charges were all tough, serious -- and wrong, or at least highly misleading. Kerry did not question the war on terrorism, has proposed repealing tax cuts only for those earning more than $200,000, supports wiretaps, has not endorsed a 50-cent gasoline tax increase in 10 years, and continues to support the education changes, albeit with modifications.

    In my opinion the Bush tax cuts should go. The war on terror is not a war it is a failure like the war on drugs the war on poverty and the war on anything else, it will never be won because no one has defined a goal. Finally, gas should cost more and as long as Haliburton or similar companies are not making profits from this higher price of oil and gas then I am all for it. However, these claims put fourth by the Bush regime are all false, surprise. These people are the real evil among us and they should be eliminated, by any means necessary.

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