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    10 June 2004
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    It seems to me that everything the bush administration has a lot to say and much of that is wrong. But bush, cheney or rummy are never the first to admit it, was is the dove of the bunch Powell. For instance the yellow cake, the imminent threat, or to sum it all up the WMD's.

    Well it has happened again with the recent report from the administration that the war on terror was succeeding, when in fact "[t]he State Department's annual report on terrorism mistakenly reported a worldwide decline when both the number of incidents and the toll in victims had actually increased sharply. . ." which was first brought to our attention by Colin Powell on Thursday.

    I also must address a recent boycott that has been embraced by one right-winger that I like somewhat, Bill O'Reilly. This was directed at the French and now is aimed at the Canadians. Bill has claimed that his source proves that the French economy has suffered losses in the billions, the source is the Paris Business Review which does not exist. If anyone can find it please leave a comment. Since, the people whom listen to The Factor or The "No Spin Zone" probably can't find Canada on the map, I'm sure the Canadians are worried. Bottom line, these people just lie, the radio, the TV and the party just lie.

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