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    30 August 2004


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    Well, McCain had his moment at the RNC. Took a cheap shop at Moore who replied mouthing "two more months" to the right-wing, nut-job mob of the Republican Party faithful. Otherwise his speech was very boring and bland. He embraced 911, which is becoming the defining icon of the Republican campaign. I wonder why so many want to reelect this president, a president who's defining moment was the senseless death of 3000 americans.

    Just clicked back, and the RNC has a stage full of 911 victims. This is the use of 911 for political gain.

    This is horrible!

    and that's why "20,000 Keep Anti-GOP Rallies Going" on Monday.

    ". . .the marchers Monday were cheered by New Yorkers leaning out windows with noisemakers and signs. Jonathan Rivas, 35, from Queens, watched the demonstrators while dressed in his white kitchen uniform.
    They represent us and what we can't say," Rivas said. "We have to work. We can't take the day off.""

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