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    16 August 2004
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    Kos has a great comparison of both conventions line-ups with a little of 'da funny.

    Republican National Convention
    (not televised by networks)
    John McCain -- target of vicious Bush attacks in SC in 2000, gay, er, tolerant, war hero
    Rudy Giuliani -- serial adulturer, pro choice, gay friendly, did not serve
    Michael Bloomberg -- unpopular NYC mayor, pro choice, gay friendly, did not serve

    Arnold Schwarzenegger -- sexual harrasser, pro choice, gay friendly
    Rod Paige -- secretary of education, did not serve
    Laura Bush

    Zell Miller -- GA senator, turncoat, vet
    Dick Cheney -- War coward. Eats babies. Shouldn't he headline the evening?
    Lynne Cheney -- author of steamy anti-men lesbian romance novels.

    George Bush -- GOP prez nominee, hid in TX ANG during Vietnam, went AWOL, falls off bicycles.
    George Pataki -- NY governor. Pro choice (at least rhetorically), gay friendly, did not serve

    Democratic National Convention
    Bill Clinton -- former president
    Jimmy Carter -- former president, vet
    Al Gore -- popular vote winner, 2004 presidential election, vet

    (not televised by networks)
    Theresa Heinz Kerry
    Ron Reagan -- Son of Pres. Ronald Reagan
    Barack Obama -- Future senator, future president

    John Edwards -- NC senator, VP nominee
    Elizabeth Edwards
    General John Shalikashvili -- former chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff

    John Kerry -- MA senator, prez nominee, war hero
    Max Cleland -- Former GA senator, war hero
    Vanessa and Alexandra Kerry

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