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    09 September 2004

    Nat'l Preparedness Month off to late start

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    Today, the 9th of September, Tommy Ridge announced that September is National Preparedness Month. This comes over a week late. Not a good sign!!

    While on the subject of security, Russ Kick of the Memory Hole points out in his Blog that of the almost 3,000 deaths from terrorism since 9/11, 58% (over 1,700) of the deaths took place this year. This coming out on 9/2/2004 in an article from MSNBC.

    Also, Cheney reassures his INVITED party faithful in Cincinnati that the economy numbers are short and don't include some 400,000 people who " ... make some money trading on eBay." Edwards had a reply to Mr. Cheney, "If we only included bake sales and how much money kids make at lemonade stands, this economy would really be cooking."


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