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    07 October 2004
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    First,I think they have finally conceded:

    Bush, Cheney Concede Saddam Had No WMDs

    This is a step, but why did it take so long? Do we not deserve the truth sooner?

    Next, this is troubling, even if it is good for "my team"

    Bush, Cheney Left Off Mo. County Ballots

    However, of the 500 sent out only a few noticed a problem. . . must be some Kerry voters . ? . ? . ?>

    <> >

    If you watch the market, it is down and that can only be for one reason: OIL

    "U.S. light crude set a record at $53 a barrel marking a surge of $20, or more than 60 percent, this year before settling at $52.67 for a gain of 65 cents."

    Anyone interested in the "Peak Oil" situation, I suggest these sites:



    I saw Mike Ruppert speak and all I can say is be ready for the decline of the american oil empire, 'cause it's coming. . .

    To top of the night/morning, we have Egypt acting like retards. After three blasts in a resort town frequented by Israelis they had this to say (a clip from the AP, emphasis added by yours truly):
    "An explosion tore through a resort hotel in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula where Israelis were vacationing at the end of a Jewish holiday Thursday night, killing at least 35 people and wounding more than 160, officials said.

    Israeli security officials said a car bomb caused the explosion, which was followed by two smaller blasts at other tourist sites in the Sinai. Witnesses gave reports that car bombs caused all three, but Egyptian officials said they had no evidence of terrorism."

    No evidence of terrorism? Are you kidding?

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