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    25 October 2004

    I can't wait till this is over. . .

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    Blogging is not enough, so I am cutting back a bit to do some ground work for Kerry, or more correctly anti-shrub. But regardless of what happens after Nov. 2nd, I feel that the numbers are turning for the Republicans and more importantly conservatives. For one this war is a huge stain on conservative chicken-hawks. They can no longer say that JFK over Quoted the cost of shrubs wars:


    Not to mention the failure to secure tons of high explosives that are probably being used to kill our troops and allies, not to mention Iraqis. Imagine if there were WMD's in Iraq, we secured the Oil Ministry but not a known Nuclear facility!! What were we, not we but they, thinking??

    Anyway with the number of actual smart people (scholars, Nobel "whatever" winners, scientists, and all the newspapers now endorsing Kerry, another four years of shrub will be a hard four years.

    According to Democracy Now! (10/25) 122 Papers have endorsed Kerry, 53 more than bush including 33 that "flip-flopped" from 2000 to 2004.

    This, to me is a war. Wars are not won overnight (as we now know) Good or bad after Nov. 2nd, I intend to be on the front lines until the conservatives are stuck in their churches. . .

    From now till after the election I will post links only and use my time to help out Kerry and Inez as much as possible, Thanks for reading. . .

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