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    17 October 2004

    Jim "the Homophobe" has a new babysitter

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    This article appeared in "The State" Sat.


    It looks like the Republicans have sent a babysitter to tone down the extreme right-wing agenda coming out of DeMint's mouth, heres some text:

    "Jim DeMint has a new traveling companion whose job is to keep the Republican U.S. Senate nominee from saying anything he later will regret."


    " 'Since all that screw-up with the homosexuals and that stupid comment,' the campaign has needed someone to help, Perry said."

    "In an Oct. 3 debate televised statewide, DeMint said gays and lesbians should not be allowed to be public school teachers. Two days later, DeMint also said women who have children out of wedlock should not teach."

    Please help readers. I can't live in a stste where there are two Republican Senators, and the good one is Lindsey Graham. . .

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