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    12 November 2004


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    This latest offensive is not going to do much for Iraq but move the enemy and level a town. It is little progress. . .


    Before the invasion there was thought to be 3 to 5 thousand insurgents in Falluja and a 1/4 million inhabitants:
    There have been differing accounts on the number of insurgents in Fallujah, anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000. However, U.S. commanders were saying Monday that numbers have dropped to about 1,500.
    (. . .)
    It's unknown how many civilians are left behind. Estimates range between 50,000 and 100,000, compared to a normal population of about 285,000.

    but as the pending siege of the city was building any important targets did what any guerilla army would do when facing a superior foe, they flee to fight another day. Any remaining fighters are probably not the brutal "terrorists" that will be the largest problem to the elections, but really "freedom fighters" who think they are protecting there city and mosques. I don't think we are doing anything that will benefit us and Iraq for the Jan. elections, but we are, however, breeding more hatred toward us and more importantly the troops, whom that hatred will be taken out on.

    To back this up, we have killed or captured an estimated 750+ "insurgents but who believes that there is not civilians mixed in that number? Now we are in a stand off with "Iraqis" in a mosque, 300 or so. . .

    The best case is that we kill or capture 1050 enemies, I'll leave the rest of the math up to you.

    Meanwhile in Falluja:
    22 Americans and five Iraqis have been killed and almost 180 US soldiers wounded.

    In Iraq:
    -A US blackjack helicopter is shot down north of Baghdad, wounding three crew members
    -Insurgents shoot dead an American soldier after attacking a US patrol in southern Baghdad; clashes continue in other parts of the capital
    -Armed insurgents rampaged Thursday through mogul, Iraq's third-largest city, detonated a massive car bomb in the capital and apparently seized control of two smaller urban centers.

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