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    30 January 2005

    D-Day in Iraq

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    As I sit here kind of' drunk but not drunk, happily resting at my home about to crash with little worry or concern for my safety or others (I did not get drunk tonight, I just can not afford it and it is rewarding to be the friend that cares). I must sit and reflect on the events taking place worlds away. In Iraq the people finally get a say in what is happening (in theory) and although I have views that deviate from those of friends as well as those of our "policymakers", I have a hope, an optimism that this vote, this democratic seed will take root and Iraq will overcome the tyranny of evil, an evil that is much worse than the divide we have here in the States between red and blue.

    As a friend puts it, "I do have hope that [the] Iraqis will seize full advantage of this great and amazing opportunity. I do have faith that democracy will take root, and a free Iraq is something quite possible in the future." Unfortunately, I have already heard of problems in Iraq, but I am not surprised, this is an extremely important point in history for the Middle-East and for either point of view you choose in the region. I hope that my friend is correct.

    I don't want to write anymore on this subject because I think that the outcome, bloody or not, will not be viewed as legitimate until the people of Iraq (not the population of the US) feel that they have full control of their destiny, I also believe that the current administration is aware of this and will act accordingly.

    I'm agnostic but I know most are not. To the people of Iraq, those that will take the risk and vote and those that are too horrified to vote, God bless. . .

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