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    05 March 2005

    Giuliana Sgrena

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    Two stories here?

    1 - She was injured, and here escort was killed at the hands of american forces.

    2 - Rumors of this being a targeted killing are surfacing

    Via I'Unità [in Italian] Piero Scolari, had this to say:
    It's like an hallucination, all of this is like an hallucination. Giuliana risked her life, they could have killed her. And I don't mean Iraqi criminal gangs but American soldiers. We are in the hands of madmen. We can't stay another minute longer down there. They fired more than 300-400 rounds on the car that was taking Giuliana to the airport... they were like madmen, our agents down there said, immediately after the shooting stopped. Complete insanity. They killed Nicola Calipari, an extraordinary man, a special person. Nicola died in order to save Giuliana, he shielded her with his body.

    The Americans shut down the cell phones of our agents who were with Giuliana. They shut them off while they [the agents] were speaking with Silvio Berlusconi, they prevented the emergency medical technicians from approaching the wounded," Scolari recounts, basing himself on the eyewitness testimony of the Italian secret service agents at the scene. But how is it possible that all this was allowed to happen?"
    In that moment I shouted at the premier [Berlusconi] that your war is to blame for this. This war is madness and these are the results that it produces.

    He continues to dismiss the 'official' story line that the car was speeding towards a checkpoint...
    Giuliana and the other people who were there told me that the American attack was completely unjustified. They had altered the whole chain of command, the Italian troops were awaiting them at the airport. Any yet, they fired 300, 400 rounds. Why?

    Scolari made one final accusation,
    Giuliana is in possession of information that is inconvenient for the Americans, it was an ambush directed against her.

    Prominent Italian politician adds,
    It's incredible that a man [Calipari] who was engaged in the difficult work of saving a life was killed by those who claim to be in Iraq in order to protect the lives of its citizens.
    Was their or wasn't their coordination between our intelligence services in Iraq and the other intelligence services of the forces of the coalition? Were their information-sharing procedures that were agreed upon in advance between our intelligence services and the American military forces? And,if so, why did the check point start firing?.

    We'll see if this is truth or emotion in coming days (or hours)...

    [Thx to gilgamesh for the translation]

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