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    26 May 2005

    Be proud Progressives

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    At request from prominent bloggers, Josh Marshall (TPM) and Markos Moulitsas (Daily Kos), I’d like to thank you and congratulate you. We have done a lot together. We are winning crushing bushCo. on Social Security and our protection of the filibuster has been a triumph, although I don’t like the deal and I am certain that the Repub. leadership in the Senate (by that I mean Dobson) will break it rather quickly.

    Anyway, be proud!!

    via Kos
    The most infuriating thing about Democrats is their fear of standing loud and proud. Rub it in their faces. Make sure American knows who killed Bush's attempts to dismantle social security. As Atrios notes, don't be afraid of what Russert and Broder and Tweety say. Fuck them. They aren't important. And any sort of "compromise" should be completely off the table.

    It's time to press the advantage.

    and Josh
    Add to this the fact that the president is clocking in at under 30% support on Social Security and most Americans now understand that he wants to dismantle the program and the whole thing really becomes a no-brainer.

    In fact, Dems should really start making the point now that they are the ones who stopped President Bush from phasing out Social Security this year.

    Be loud, be proud.

    [UPDATE]I almost forgot Bolton. As I type this the vote in the Senate (6 pm) for Bolton's UN nomination is gearing up. Because of us you this man has been exposed for the creep that he is. All foreign diplomats are aware of his background. If there is such a thing as a lame duck diplomat, John Bolton will be it!

    [UPDATE II]Bolton has been blocked!! Way to call it MSM.

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