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    08 May 2005

    Blair to go sooner than later

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    It is a real shame to see someones carrer come to an end in the that it appeears that Tony Blair's will. The consequences of playing with bullies and war criminals are huge. After the UK elections deminished his majority by over half in the Commons, I said that Blair would be forced out in time. But It looks like his own party is moving on him already.
    Tony Blair has been urged to quit as prime minister early into his third term, days after Labour's election win.
    Some MPs have suggested the prime minister should step down within a year to 18 months, with Chancellor Gordon Brown tipped as successor.

    Mr Cook, who resigned from the Cabinet in protest at the Iraq war, told BBC1's Politics Show that Labour had won this election despite rather than because of Mr Blair.

    The prime minister should be respected for having delivered two landslide election wins, he said, but it was now time for him to consider his future.

    "The question Tony Blair should be reflecting on this weekend is having achieved this, having secured his place in the history of the Labour Party and the history of Britain, whether now might be a better time to let a new leader in who could then achieve the unity we need if we are going to go forward," he said.
    Frank Dobson, who served as health secretary in Mr Blair's first Cabinet, told GMTV's Sunday programme the prime minister had been an "enormous liability" in this poll.

    "I don't think we can go into important local elections next year... with Tony Blair as leader and expect to keep many of the councillors we've got now," he said.

    It's too bad, but he deserves it. He was bullied and lied to, no country would reward a president-figure for leadership like that.

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