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    02 May 2005

    Dems learning

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    The wording is everything. Something I learned form 1984. Well the Dems got the Repubs this time; if they go against it then they are against the truth and for citizen funded propaganda. So assuming it passes then we have a great result and if it is denied then the Repubs look like they are for propaganda. What am I talking about???

    S.967: Truth in Broadcasting

    On Thursday, 4/28/2005, Senators Lautenberg and Kerry introduced the Truth in Broadcasting Act.

    From the press release found on both Senators' websites:
    Today, United States Senators Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) and John F. Kerry (D-MA) introduced legislation to protect the American people from covert propaganda produced by the government. The legislation would require that "prepackaged news stories" produced by the Administration contain a disclosure of the source of the material. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has ruled that the Administration's use of "prepackaged news stories" was illegal "covert propaganda" because the government's role was not disclosed to viewers. On March 11th 2005, the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Justice issued memos to all executive branch agencies ordering them to ignore the GAO ruling and gave the green light to further use of fake news stories that hide the government's role in their production.

    The Lautenberg-Kerry Truth in Broadcasting Act would follow the legal ruling of the GAO and establish permanent federal law that prepackaged news stories by the government must disclose the government's role with a disclaimer. The disclaimer would run continuously throughout the "news story." Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens has committed to holding a hearing and a markup on the bill in early May. "Our government should not be in the business of fooling the public with fake news stories," said Lautenberg. "If President Bush wants to promote his views, he can do that, but he should not hide behind fake reporters to get his message out. The President already has the 'Bully Pulpit' -- he shouldn't need to use puppets pretending to be reporters."

    Jim DeMint is a member of the Commerce Committee He probably deserves to be contacted. Check and see if your Senator is on the committee and make a little noise.
    The up coming truth in Broadcasting Act is a necessary precaution to offset the indiscriminant use of propaganda for political gain invoked by the existing government. I expect you to support this act.

    Thank You,

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