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    01 August 2005

    Is our purpose in Iraq now to protect the Sunni's?

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    Over at Col. Pat Lang's blog an old friend and colleague, Dale Davis, brings up some good points, or at least good points of view to ponder. He first makes the important distinction between the Sunni and the Jihadi; one the your typical righty and the MSM never hit on (due to the ignorance of average Americans [IMO]). But then he makes to point that the two entities, while united now, have disparate goals that will surface in the future.

    -The Jihadists are idealists who want to purify and unify the Islamic world beginning with Iraq.

    -The motivations of the Sunni are more self-centered, simply seeking to regain their status as the dominant sect and short of that guarantee the best deal possible in any compromise.

    So the Jihadists want us out, while the Sunni's need us to stay; else they get overrun by the Shi'a majority primed with newfound freedom and power.

    So do the Sunni's not realize that they need the US to stay in Iraq and support their wants of more representation and authority in the new government? Or is there a united insurgency that will fight the coalition and eventually the Shi'a and Kurdish militias and possibly Iran, to the last man?

    Read the entire post here.

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