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    14 September 2005

    Drinking Liberally - Charleston, SC

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    The good news is ... Quick Draw McBush pulled Brownie off the job.

    The bad news is ... George of the Bungle named DuctTape Paulison as the replacement.

    The good news is ... Brownie resigned altogether from FEMA.

    The bad news is ... Wonderboy takes responsibility for the Katrina fiasco. [read: None of the sacrificial scapegoats worked.]

    The bad news is ... This "responsibility" is just one more card in the stacked deck: WMDs, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, nearly 2,000 young dead Americans.

    The bad news is ... Howard Dean spoke for us and no one even noticed this time: "Mike Brown's decision to resign from FEMA is the best decision he's made in three weeks."

    The bad news is ... St Rita's nursing home staff allowed 34 of their patients to die needlessly.

    The bad news is ... even Laura doesn't know what she's talking about -- Hurricane Corina.

    The bad news is ... John Roberts is calling all balls and no strikes.

    The bad news is ... yet another suicide bomber has taken lives in Baghdad.

    I have to stop. I can't find any more good news, even from this NOLA resident with a positive attitude: "The least we can do is clean up our own streets," Wallace Kimbrough, 43, said as he pried debris out of the storm drain beside his home in the French Quarter. "Hey," he exclaimed, holding up a plastic bag he pulled from the muck. "Somebody lost their marijuana seeds."

    Oh, wait, there is one more!
    The good news is ... Drinking Liberally Charleston is thriving!!

    Voodoo Lounge
    15 Magnolia Road
    West Ashley
    5:30 till 8:30-ish
    DLibbers on the left as you enter the front of the lounge.

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