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    11 October 2005

    Bolton at the UN

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    At first I read the title of this story from Reuters and reacted in anger.

    here is the title:
    U.S. blocks U.N. briefing on atrocities in Sudan

    But if you read it, it says that he blocked the briefing because we need to take action in Sudan not discuss it.
    U.S. Ambassador John Bolton blocked a U.N. envoy on Monday from briefing the Security Council on grave human rights violations in Sudan's Darfur region, saying the council had to act against atrocities and not just talk about them.

    This is true but there has yet to be any proposal of the matter so why doesn't someone take the next step? There is a lot of oil in Sudan, and I'd be willing to bet that that has something to do with it.

    Posted by Geoff

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