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    20 October 2005

    This I like...

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    There is only one hummer I like, these guys agree. An entire site for pics of people flipping off Humvee's.


    The "Truth in Broadcasting Act" (aka "Pre-packaged News Story Announcement Act of 2005") passed committee today. Now it hopefully can make it through the "porking" process and get a fair vote. Sounds like something this country needs, pay closer attention if you don't understand.


    Interesting. Murray Wass
    New York Times reporter Judith Miller told the federal grand jury in the CIA leak case that she might have met with I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby on June 23, 2003 only after prosecutors showed her Secret Service logs that indicated she and Libby had indeed met that day in the Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House, according to attorneys familiar with her testimony.

    Judy, Judy, Judy...

    Posted by Geoff

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