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    18 October 2005

    Bush support shrinking

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    I guess it's for satisfaction or maybe some scientist is statisticly documenting the exact time when America woke up on this guy. But why are we so interested in who likes the pResident anymore? He's not running for anything and we know he doesn't read papers so he probably has no idea that the people have lost faith in him. I would have liked to see this poll reset and replace "Bush" with "Republican Leadership"; that would have been some usefull information.

    We already know Bush sucks. Why document his end?

    Bush is above 50 percent in only six states -- Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Utah, at 61/36, is the only state above 60 percent. In May, Bush was above 50 percent in 13 states. In September, it was 10 states.

    Texas and SC both look surprisingly bad

    Posted by Geoff

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