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    30 November 2005

    Bush (finally) admits the insurgency is local

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    I haven't suffered through the speech yet, and since no one takes the president seriously anymore I may ignore it [UPDATE] David Corn on the speech that meant nothing. However, Col. Lang watched it and has some points to highlight. First, the president has finally admitted that the insurgency is much more complex than their propaganda over the last year or so has implied.

    1-The "Rejectionists." Read "ordinary Iraqis" for that "Mostly Sunni Arabs," (his words) He says that these are people who want to restore their previously dominant role in Iraqi society. Absolutely.

    2- Baathist hold-outs for a Restoration. (This would be nothing like Charles the 2nd's return from France, trust me.) Presumably, these guys have the money.

    3-Jihadi religious fanatics, some local, some foreign. Not more than 10% of total but responsible for most suicidal activity. No problem there, either.

    Lang continues
    He did not mention the awkward implication of (1) above that there are a hell of a lot of supporters maintaining this force in existence, but based on the speed with which the administration acknowledges the truth, we should see an admission of that in a year or so.

    Is this important? You bet it is! Up until this morning, the "Zarqawi Madness" insisted on by the government was a straitjacket within which the intelligence people and the command in the field had to operate.

    What are the pundits going to do now?

    Posted by Geoff

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