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    12 January 2006

    Blog readers survey

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    A virtual friend who blogs at Crack the Bell requested that I request any readers to fill out a short survey. This is for the Palmetto Bloggers blogad network, a bipartisan group of bloggers from South Carolina.
    here is the text of the email:
    I'm surveying South Carolina blog readers. My reason is mercenary - I want a few demographics so I can try to sell some ads for the Palmetto Bloggers blogad network. Will you help me out a bit by mentioning it to your readers? The link to my post is http://www.crackthebell.com/cracked/2006/1/11/take-our-reader-survey.html.

    Take the survey yourself while you're at it. And if I sent you this and you're not a part of the network, contact me about joining.

    Here is the direct link to the survey

    Thank you in advance :)

    Posted by Geoff

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