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    01 January 2006

    Gov't propaganda alert

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    You know it's government propaganda when
    1) it paints a suspiciously good looking future;

    2) it paints a future that the sitting administration will like to tell the public about;

    3) it seems to go against CW, as well as available literature, scholarly work;

    4) it is something you've heard before;

    5) no one reporting it appears on the article itself. (as of 9pm it was anonymous.)

    This is propaganda, pure and simple. I highly doubt that this is the case though, but Bush need some good news so we'll take it.

    This paragraph is highly suspect
    The fighting helped restore Iraqi control of the border with Syria to eliminate smuggling lines and paved the way for successful Sunni Arab regional participation in Dec. 15 parliamentary elections, he said in an interview with a small group of reporters at this dusty U.S. base in al Asad, in western Anbar province near the Syrian border.

    OK, so we disrupted the supply routes, which in turn "paved the way for successful Sunni Arab regional participation" in the recent elections???

    Yeah, that was it. What a joke.

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