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    26 January 2006

    Intercepted communication between General and Pentagon

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    Goes something like this:
    Intercepted communication between Donald Rumsfeld and Gen. George Casey.

    Rummy: So George, I've been getting a lot of flack about this report by Krepinevich that says that my military is stretched to the limit and may break.

    General: Yes, I've heard. Krepinevich is a good man.

    Rummy: Well he's wrong, I'm a specialist in these matters and, I tell you, the military is not broken.

    General: I don't think he was saying that it is broken but that it is getting there...

    and sir, I must agree.

    Rummy: OMG! You're sympathizing with the enemy! That is an anti-American thing to say, dissenting from the Presidents propaganda like that. Don't you understand that this is a war? Your job is to carry water for this administration, nothing else!

    Your relieved of duty soldier!


    Gen Casey now resides on a waterboard in Cuba.

    Posted by Geoff

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